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Minister Gwen Goolsby Tillery

  Gwen Goolsby Tillery is an, award winning and bestselling author, entrepreneur, coach and counselor, with a passion for empowering people to move from stuck to unstoppable and become everything that God created them be. Gwen is also the visionary of Arize Ministries, which is dedicated to empowering God’s people and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   


Gwen Goolsby Tillery is a certified Christian Coach with a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, Her knowledge and experience allows her to help her clients using biblical principles while also using counseling techniques to improve their mental health and get them back on track. She provides individual counseling as well as couples counseling.


Gwen, affectionately known as Coach Gwen is a certified coach. She has a loving, but no nonsense approach to helping her clients achieve success in all areas of their lives by thinking differently and changing their behaviors. Her programs are individualized to meet the needs of her clients so that they can be successful.


Gwen is an award winning and Amazon best selling author in the categories of Religion and Faith.  Her books are written to inspire, encourage, educate and give people hope to overcome the obstacles that they face so that they can pursue their purpose and complete their God given assignments.

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We all need a little inspiration and the guests on Kingdom Inspiration News bring inspiration each and every week by sharing their stories.  Kingdom Inspiration News dedicated to bringing on guests that can provide education in the areas of health, finances, business and spirituality. Kingdom Inspiration News is dedicated to bringing you entertainment by introducing our viewers to independent gospel artists as well as what is happening in the community.   Bringing events to you that are happening in the community is a new segment for Kingdom Inspiration News. We will also be exploring restaurants and other places as well